Feb 16

Nat Torkington

Nat Torkington

Artistic License 2.0 and ... REM?!

Very cool! REM have released 11 HD music videos in MP4 format from their new album, and they've done so using the Artistic License 2.0 and asking for remixes. Radar's very own Allison Randal spent years working on that license for The Perl Foundation. I'm not sure she had rock videos in mind when she was crafting the clauses, but that's a pretty good thing to put on your resume! As commenters to the ReadWriteWeb thread say, REM probably should have used Creative Commons rather than a license written with software in mind, but I suspect the name "Artistic License" proved too seductive .... (thanks Perlbuzz)

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Comments: 2

  Janina Fries [02.17.08 01:42 AM]

the Artistic License 2.0 is made by a member of radar? excellent news, never know that. but great information with the release of REMs hd-videos, i love them, so lets all be just "shining happy people" :))

  Durchfall [02.18.08 11:56 AM]

Wow. Very nice step of REM. I'm no particular fan of this group but i like the idea of sharing work with others.

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