Feb 26

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Botanicalls Twitter DIY

twiiter botanicalls

Botanicalls, the project that lets your plants let you know when they need water (Radar post), has expanded beyond their Asterisk-based voice system. Now you can learn how your plants are doing with a DIY kit that lets them Twitter you. The system uses Arduino, the open-source board featured in Making Things Talk. The instructions they've included are very detailed; this looks like a great starter project if you've been thinking about experimenting with Arduino.

You'll be able to see the project in person at ETech during our Wednesday evening ArtsFest.

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Comments: 3

  Steven Hodson [02.26.08 10:00 AM]

As I suggested yesterday when I read about this it is only a short step before some figures out how to make your home one of your Twitter "Friends" :)


  klaus-martin meyer [02.26.08 10:54 PM]


are there already some results whether the botanicals that are connected to this system feel any better?

best regards

  Joe McCarthy [03.27.08 09:23 PM]

Interesting idea!

It reminds me of PlantCare, a project a few years back at Intel Research Seattle, in which an autonomous robot was able to sense and respond to a plant's need for water.

Botanicalls puts people back in the loop ... and I wonder whether, combined with another, more recent UbiComp research project - My Roomba is Rambo - a new solution might be developed that helps people, their plants and their robots all live happier, healthier lives.

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