Feb 21

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Ignite ETech Talks

On the first evening of ETech we are going to have an Ignite immediately following Tim's annual keynote. The five-minute, 20 slide talks will range from personal passions to new APIs to sweet design. The talks will end with a short-story.
If you are going to be at ETech you'll be treated to the following talks:

  1. Jimmy Guterman - Why Screwing Up is the Smartest Thing You Can Do Everyone plans for success, but the best way to succeed is to suffer an accident. (Brady: A reprise of his TED talk.)
  2. Matt Webb - A Science Fictional Tour of the Solar System From alternative Earths to the space-spiders of Saturn.
  3. Stefan Magdalinski - Making Mayhem with MOO How to make MOO stuff in 5 minutes from your code.
  4. Noel Dickover - DoD CIO Emerging Technology Discovery Pilot DoD CIO is creating a Clearinghouse linking DoD technology needs with emerging tech vendors through a wiki-based pilot.
  5. saul griffith - Subverting science education HOWTOONS seeks to put joy, story, adventure, free-spirit, fun & ridiculousness, back into informal science education. (Brady: Saul is also speaking the next day on Energy Literacy)
  6. Cuneyt Taskiran - Hide Between the Lines: Natural Language Steganography and Watermarking Embedding data into text by modifying its lexical, syntactic, & semantic structure.
  7. Jan Borchers - Sweet Spots and Baroque Stages of Interactive Technology Sweet-spot technologies simplify your life, baroque ones complicate it. Learn why, and how to tell them apart.
  8. Scotto Moore - Intangible Method (a digital fairy tale) A story of a woman who discovers first-person video footage of her own life is being posted to YouTube from the future. (Brady: This is Scotto's second Ignite talk; he spoke on Art this past summer.)

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Comments: 2

  Don Bailey [02.22.08 09:38 AM]

Are you certain the Jimmy Guterman link is correct? I didn't find the article there, but it was at least his page.

  Jimmy Guterman [02.22.08 12:14 PM]

It is definitely correct. Those links are to the speakers' sites, not the specific talks.

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