Mar 5

Jimmy Guterman

Jimmy Guterman

@ETech: fire eagle Launches

Most of the Yahoo news these days is about its possible absorption by Microsoft, but there are still new projects coming out of the company. Right now Tom Coates is onstage at ETech, launching fire eagle, an open location information-brokering service. You can share your location online with sundry sites and services. It's liberal with what it takes in, but precise in what it puts out. There are plenty of controls put in, both for developers and real people using the services. Right now there are many services trying to capture location, but really nothing that ties together the applications that capture location information with applications that use location information. This does that. You can find fire eagle here. If you're not at ETech, Tom will be talking at Where 2.0 in May.

You can read Brady Forrest's previous coverage of rire eagle on Radar and our resident geo wiz will post further thoughts on this shortly. He can't now -- as the program chair of ETech, Brady is onstage right now, too.

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  Phil Whitehouse [03.05.08 11:31 AM]

Thanks for the live blogging, but it would've been great if you'd mentioned how the launch was presented, what Tom actually said (he's an entertaining guy), in other words stuff not already known from the web!

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