Mar 14

Jim Stogdill

Jim Stogdill

Given Enough Eyeballs - Art Meets Open Source in Philly

If you are in or near Philadelphia tonight, stop by the Esther M. Klein Gallery to check out the opening of Given Enough Eyeballs.

Like ETech's Emerging Arts Fest, the show curated by Annette Monnier explores the nexus of art, hacking, and collective authorship.

From the exhibition description:

"The artists in the exhibition, Given Enough Eyeballs, explore, in varying degrees, concepts of open-access and sharing, individual versus community, and ownership and appropriation, as it relates to the idea of open source software, software that is free to use and free to be adopted any way the user sees fit."

For more, see this review from the New Museum at Rhizome.

Esther M. Klein Art Gallery
3600 Market Street
opening 5-8 March 14
Exhibit up March 14 - April 26

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  Chris Cera [03.14.08 04:54 PM]

I live in Philly, consider myself reasonably connected with geeks here, and am surprised this is the first time I heard about this. Thanks for the fyi, and I'll help spread the word. -Chris

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