Mar 13

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly

Perl mailing lists added to Markmail archive

Jason Hunter writes in email:

Perl is the duct tape of the internet. Created by Larry Wall in 1987 and made famous with his Programming Perl "camel book" published by O'Reilly, it's the tool sysadmins use to keep things running.

We're proud to announce we've finished loading the mailing list history into MarkMail. A total of 530,000 emails across 75 lists. The lists don't go back to 1987 (boy that'd be cool if they did). But that's all right; who really needs tech support against Perl 1.000?

What we have here is traffic starting with the migration to the setup in 1999:

graph from markmail of traffic to perl lists since 1999

Enjoy! And if anyone has earlier archives, let us know.

This is awesome. Markmail also has mailing list history for php, ruby, mysql, postgresql, and all of the Apache projects. (Coverage of Python and Linux is very limited.) And as I wrote previously on Radar, the markmail search and trend graphing interface is really slick. Google ought to buy these guys and offer this product as an upgrade to Google Trends! Not to mention applying some of their interface insights into other Google search products.

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Comments: 6

  Joe [03.13.08 03:16 PM]

The markmail site is growing very fast - 2 months ago, i checked the number of indexed pages in google - it was 800,000, now it's almost 3 million. They must have some nice servers to handle that load.

  hfb [03.13.08 06:04 PM]

Abigail, as I recall, has a full archive of P5P reaching back to the early 90s at least. He sent me a copy and I should have it on the backpan box, but ask him first as it was his labour of love.

  Abigail [03.14.08 01:42 AM]

I do not, and never have, collected p5p mail. I don't have any archives.

  jon [03.14.08 02:06 AM]

"And as i written previously" - hey it's web 2.0, grammar does not matter anymore !

  hfb [03.14.08 06:35 AM]

Weird...well, someone gave that archive to me and I thought it was you. :) I'm getting old, my memory is getting progressively hazy. Soon, you're going to tell me you really are a woman afterall. ;) Damn, now it's going to bother me as to who sent me that giant tarball. I think Jarkko has a bunch of other lists archived as well.

  Bart [04.30.08 05:05 AM]

... and the user base is growing rapidly. Indeed, big G should perform another buyout !

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