Mar 11

Nat Torkington

Nat Torkington

Radar Roundup: UI

  • Microsoft's Lucid Touch (DanceWithShadows): a semi-transparent device that you interact with by touching the back of the screen. A clever prototype from Microsoft Research, demoed at the recent TechFest.
  • Multitouch Rubiks Cube (The Future is Awesome): cube that displays the colours and you gesture to rotate. Cute.
  • NextWindow (ZDNet): nifty demo from a New Zealand vender of multitouch sensitive screens up to 100 inches in size. Also see the company site. They also make an overlay for existing screens that just plugs in and goes. Sweet!
  • Weather Map Interface Lets You Feel The Wind (New Scientist): using haptic table with mounds to represent high pressure or high wind speed, valleys for low pressure or low speed. They report a region's atmospheric situation being easier to understand when experienced through the table.
  • Cyber Goggles: High Tech Memory Aid (Pink Tentacle, which is the perfect name for a manga brothel): Tokyo researchers have built goggles that record everything you see and can annotate and caption objects in your field of view. I'm not sure I buy the idea that it'll help you remember things (anyone fancy captioning the real world to help your goggles? Me neither) but it has some sweet HUD possibilities--train it on Facebook so it'll pop up names of people when I meet them at conferences, etc.
  • Multitouch Barcelona: blog of a group building a low-cost multitouch table and software to run on it. See also NUI Group, a group of researchers and hackers building and open sourcing new UI hardware. Check out the wiki to see how they built a multitouch table.
  • Every Time I Think About You I Touch My Cell (Will Henderson's blog): hack to add multitouch gestures to new MacBook Pros and Airs. Sweet.

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