May 13

Brady Forrest

Brady Forrest

Where 2.0 Video: Google/ESRI Keynote

Here's the first video from Where 2.0, the Google Keynote with a surprise appearance from ESRI. I can't wait to share some of the other talks we've had so far.

Since Google first presented a snapshot of the geoweb at last year's Where 2.0, it has considerably evolved: more Geo data is published on the web, KML was accepted as an OGC standard and is adopted by a growing number of tools. Join John Hanke, Director of Google Earth & Maps to hear the latest on the evolution of the Geoweb and Google’s effort to organize it and make it universally accessible and useful. John will also demonstrate the latest in Google geo development with Jack Dangemond of ESRI.

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Comments: 2

  Paul R Pival [05.13.08 07:04 PM]

You'll want to change the first link in the post by adding another "l" to oreily.com...

  R. White [05.21.08 08:13 AM]

Having worked with GIS technologies for the past couple of decades, I have until now been a complete curmudgeon with repsect to Google Earth--ironically, even while making extensive use of it! But I see this as a very good move on the part of both companies--particularly since given the new, analytical capabilities, it will have the effect of a better understanding on the part of the public as to what GIS data really is: how it is created, and where the pitfalls are. And I agree with Jack's observation that this really does represent the emergence of a new "societal GIS." There is still the caveat that any presentation pay rigorous attention to this, but I hope the emphasis on the use of metadata will help.

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