Jun 23

Jesse Robbins

Jesse Robbins

Hyperic CloudStatus service dashboard launches at Velocity!

Javier Soltero just launched CloudStatus during his Hyperic sponsor session today at Velocity. CloudStatus is a public health dashboard for web services like Amazon's EC2/S3, and Google's App Engine.


Javier called to tell me about this last week after I declared that "Service Monitoring Dashboards are mandatory". This comes right after Amazon and Google had visible outages, and couldn't have happened at a better time. I'm really excited to see this idea take off, as it's something that is critical to the broad adoption of web services and cloud computing.

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  Niall Kennedy [06.23.08 02:22 PM]

Currently only supports AWS. The CloudStatus product page mentions "plans to add additional cloud services this summer."

They may have a Python client inside App Engine responding to heartbeat requests to their J2EE hub but no mention of additional working endpoints today.

  Markus Klems [06.24.08 08:49 AM]

I agree with John M Willis' blog post. Too much hype, not much value right now.

  Troy Tolle [06.25.08 06:37 AM]

This will be useful if they can monitor it for a specific set of AWS keys:

  Kamal [06.25.08 12:11 PM]

I disagree with John's post, to me it seems like he tried to create a hype for his on blog post by putting links to his post everywhere I see cloudstatus. If nothing they have at least made an effort to show everyone one way to monitor the cloud. Remember with respect to cloud its not important to know that its available (its going to be available all the time, don't you see all the greens on Amazon's status page?). What is important is the health of cloud and while there is no easy way to do bubble up that information is one way.

Monitoring the clouds is here and its happening right now. The services offered by Cloudstatus Beta are basic and the future will decide what is the right way to do it. But still what they have done is a huge leap forward. Hyperican's have made a sincere effort again to a problem that not many companies have dared to solve. Hopefully this will be made open source so that cloud community can start contributing to it as well as reap benefits from it.


  Stacey Schneider [06.26.08 02:03 PM]

Thanks, Kamal. You seem to have arrived at the big sky picture much more quickly than John.

And if you and Troy have some additional comments on what more you'd like to see, we'd love to hear them in the CloudStatus forums.


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