Bradley Voytek

Brad is an NIH-funded neuroscience researcher at UCSF and the Data Evangelist for Uber, Inc. His research makes use of big data, mapping, and mathematics to figure out cognition. He's a world expert on the zombie brain and an avid science outreach advocate.

In defense of frivolities and open-ended experiments

Our children will improve upon the things we're building in ways we can't conceive.

Before you scoff at the pointlessness of yet another social network, web app, or project, remember that we don't always do the research or build the company that is immediately useful or profitable.

Automated science, deep data and the paradox of information

Be aware of the just-so data stories that sound reasonable but cannot be conclusively proven.

Bradley Voytek: "Our goal as data scientists should be to distill the essence of the data into something that tells as true a story as possible while being as simple as possible to understand."