Brian Boyer

Brian Boyer is a hacker journalist. Prior to studying journalism as a Knight Foundation Scholar at Northwestern University, he advised startups on development methodologies and ran software teams in Chicago. Since his entrance into the journalism world, he interned at ProPublica, a non-profit online investigative journalism outfit, and joined the Chicago Tribune to build their new News Applications team. He writes about the intersection of technology and journalism at

Hackers wanted! Scholarships available to coders who'll come to journalism and help save democracy

It's not news that journalism is in crisis. CNN turned newspapers into first-day fishwrap and Craigslist killed the business model. Solutions are scarce, and our democracy is at risk. I don't have a chart to guide our way through the darkness to Citizenry 2.0, but there are some who can navigate the singularity. Journalism needs great hackers. Not just nerds, but programmers who care — about the values of journalism and the power of a free press to hold government accountable.