Brian O'Leary

A publishing veteran with 25 years of operational, management and consulting experience, Brian O'Leary is founder and principal of Magellan Media, a management consulting firm that works with publishers seeking support in content operations, benchmarking and financial analysis.

In addition to his consulting assignments, O'Leary is the author of a research report on the impact of free content and digital piracy on paid book sales, as well as the editor and primary contributor for a study of the use of XML in book publishing. Both reports were published by O'Reilly Media in 2009.

BeyondPrint Offers Helpful Review of StartWithXML

A review of the StartWithXML forum and research paper supports the effort but questions why we are silent on the quality of XML tools.

Can XML Help you Avoid a Disruptive Innovation?

This semester, I'm fortunate to spend my Wednesday nights teaching management to students who are part of NYU's M.S. in publishing program. Although a significant share of the course is given over to management fundamentals, the students are for the most part already working in publishing, so they also look for connections between lessons learned and their real-world application. One…

StartWithXML Survey Results Preview

Preview the results of the StartWithXML survey.

When it Comes to Search, How Low Can You Go?

Discussing futurist Paul Saffo's observation on search.

StartWithXML at Frankfurt Book Fair

Announcing our Frankfurt book fair panel

StartWithXML Research Paper: A Work in Progress

Changes coming in the research paper outline

XML and APIs: Perfect Together

This week's formal announcement of the first three APIs for Google Book Search provides a frame for the "why" in StartWithXML: Why and How? Although Google has confirmed just a few APIs, or application programming interfaces, the firm has clearly opened the door to making book content more easily searchable and findable and, through the use of some standard identifiers,…