Dale Dougherty

Dale Dougherty is founder and executive chairman of Maker Media, founder and publisher of Make: magazine, and co-founder of Maker Faire. Dale has been honored by the White House as a "Champion of Change." He's been instrumental in many of O'Reilly's most important efforts, including founding O'Reilly Media, Inc. with Tim O'Reilly. Prior to Make, he was the developer of Global Network Navigator (GNN), the first commercial website, launched in 1993 and sold to America Online in 1995. He was also developer and publisher of Web Review, the online magazine for Web designers from 1995-1999. Dale was publisher of the O'Reilly Network and he developed the Hacks series of books. He is the author of sed & awk.

Good Devices Gone Bad

(This entry itself had problems after posting and it took a day to fix. A good entry gone bad.) My sister, Doreen, who is seldom on the bleeding edge of technology, bought a Kindle in January and by March she was sending it back. My Kindle was a clunker. I LOVED it and had about 15 books on it when…

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Hazards of Wifi

Our town, Sebastopol, had passed a resolution in November to permit a local Internet provider to provide public wireless access. This week, fourteen people showed up at a City Council meeting to make the claim that wireless caused health problems in general and to them specifically. These emotional pleas made the Council rescind its previous resolution. So, a few people…

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I Make… (Maker Faire Bay Area May 3-4)

If you wonder what Maker Faire is all about, check out this video, created by eric michael berg, a video intern working with us out of New York. He came to Maker Faire Austin and put together this simple but snappy video called "I Make…". It's all about the makers. Maker Faire Bay Area is less than two months away…

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The Shipyard Returns

Last May, I wrote about the City of Berkeley closing down The Shipyard. A communal workspace for artists and alternative techies, The Shipyard was organized by Jim Mason; it was built as stacks of shipping containers. After the shutdown notice came, members of The Shipyard dispersed to other locations in the East Bay. Now, after months and months of negotiations…

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Wired News from the Past

"The telegraph made it possible for people in different places to read the same news." — Valerie Komor We take news for granted. At the Money:Tech Conference today, speakers were talking about how to deal with real-time newsfeeds, which continues to drive the financial world. Brian O'Keefe of Panopticon said "we're collecting and disseminating news at a greater rate than…

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Slow Down and Read Make

The comic "Over the Hedge" featured Make in its January 21st strip. Thanks to Poncho Alarcon of Monterrey, Mexico who spotted the turtle named Verne reading Make. I'm working on a piece for the next issue of Make called "Slow Made," which points out similar ideas in the Slow Food movement and the Maker movement. The idea is to explore…

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Hand of Google

While looking at a library book scanned by Google, I found this image, the hand behind the scanner revealed….

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The Rest of the Rest of Us

Macworld is about the excitement of the arrival of new "cargo," to use Jared Diamond's term from Guns, Germs, and Steel. As Diamond wrote, people with more resources see the world differently. It shapes our world view. The things we possess are not just these things but (to us) symbols of hope and signs of optimism that good things are…

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Designing for Fun on the Run

Last week's Interaction Design class presentations at Stanford made me laugh. Scott Klemmer's CS147 class, a mix of undergrads and graduate students, demonstrated applications for mobile devices, which featured Nokia N95 (supplied by Nokia) and the iPhone. Each of the 15 or 16 groups had one minute to explain their project and that session was followed up by poster sessions…

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A Passion for Reading

Several items about books: Stephen Levy writes in his Newsweek cover story on the Kindle and Jeff Bezos: "When making mental lists of the most whiz-bangy technological creations in our lives, […] we may overlook an object that is superbly designed, wickedly functional, infinitely useful and beloved more passionately than any gadget in a Best Buy: the book." Elizabeth Hardwick,…

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