Helping educators find the right stuff

The Learning Registry looks to crack the education resource discovery problem.

There are countless repositories of high-quality content available to teachers, but it is still nearly impossible to find content to use with a particular lesson plan for a particular grade aligned to particular standards. That's where the Department of Education's new Learning Registry comes in.

Three game characteristics that can be applied to education

A tech-focused look at how "leveling up," collaboration, and play can be woven into learning experiences.

Cloud technologies and thoughtful roadmapping of digital technology can ensure that authenticity, social interaction, and play remain central components of education.

The maker movement's potential for education, jobs and innovation is growing

"MAKE" founder Dale Dougherty was named a "Champion of Change" by the White House.

Dale Dougherty, one of the co-founders of O'Reilly Media, was honored by the White House as a "Champion of Change" for his work on "MAKE" Magazine, MakerFaire and the broader DIY movement.

World of Warcraft and Minecraft: Models for our educational system?

How two games can help student engagement.

Massively multiplayer games like World of Warcraft can teach communication and the higher-order skills needed to achieve collective goals. Simple, rule-based games, such as Minecraft, showcase the value of preservation and exploration.

BioCurious opens its lab in Sunnyvale, CA

Inside a new DIY bio lab.

BioCurious has officially opened its first lab, with a mission of involving ordinary people off the street in biological experiments, using hands-on learning, and promoting open source hardware and software.

Giving kids access to almost any book in the world

Elizabeth Wood on Worldreader's work to improve literacy in the developing world.

For many kids, Worldreader provides the only opportunity they may have to access books. In this interview, Worldreaders' Elizabeth Wood explains how ereaders and access can make a difference.