Search Notes: Why Google's Social Analytics tools matter

Can we finally track social? Also: New Google UI elements and a look at Plus response

In the latest Search Notes: Google Plus got all the publicity, but Google's Social Analytics tools and new interface elements are also notable.

Google Correlate: Your data, Google's computing power

Upload state- or time-based data and Google Correlate reveals search trends.

Google Correlate is a new tool in Google Labs that lets you upload state- or time-based data to see what search trends most correlate with that information. Here's a look at how it works and what you can do with it.

Search Notes: Connecting Google's dots

How Wallet could fit in with other Google tools, correlate your own data, removing content from search.

In the latest Search Notes: Thoughts on how Wallet could connect to other Google services; a new tool to correlate your own data with search results; international search share; an easy way to remove your content from Google's view.

Search Notes: Trying to understand Facebook's whisper campaign

Facebook's PR gaffe, the Chromebook debuts, and dreams of text-free searching.

In the latest Search Notes: A look at the curious campaign against Google's Social Circle, the Chromebook is an I/O highlight, and Google Goggles hints at a new kind of search.

Search Notes: The high cost of search market share

Why being a default search provider matters, personalized Google News, Bin Laden and search spikes

In the latest Search Notes: Bing is going all out to claim more market share, Google News' personalization features could create an echo chamber, and Osama Bin Laden's death creates a search frenzy.

Search Notes: Search and privacy and writing robots

Yahoo changes its logging policy, Bing gains in the UK, and robot journalists challenge humans.

In the latest Search Notes: Yahoo extends its logging to 18 months, the practical utility of "do not track" is questioned, Bing gains a bit of search share in the UK, and writing robots stake a claim in the journalism domain.