Gavin Starks

Gavin has a background in Astrophysics and over 15 years Internet development experience. Working with diverse organisations from UK Government to Google, from the BBC to Shell to Greenpeace – he has broad and deep knowledge of how worlds collide.

Gavin is founder and CEO of AMEE, The World’s Energy Meter.

Data is not binary

Why open data requires credibility and transparency.

Open data isn't just about re-broadcasting data, but combining it, re-using it and building upon it. It's about creating new uses, creating new markets and building credibility into the data as it flows.

A Climate of Polarization

We are entering an new era of seismic change in policy, business, society, technology, finance and our environment, on a scale and speed substantially greater than previous revolutions. More than ever, we need to create space for learning, communication and understanding.