Greg Brail

Gregory Brail brings a variety of experience to Apigee from more than 18 years in the industry. Prior to Apigee, Greg worked at BEA as technical lead for the WebLogic JMS team, and kicked off BEA's "Core Engine" initiative, which built a modular "micro-kernel" using core WebLogic technology. Prior to BEA, Greg served as Principal Architect for TransactPlus, a LabMorgan spinoff that offered guaranteed message delivery over the Internet. Greg began his career developing custom middleware libraries for Citibank, and then spent his formative years with transaction-processing pioneers Transarc, where he worked in the field, deploying production systems using Transarc technology at JPMorgan and elsewhere. Greg holds a degree in Computer Science from Brown University.

Building APIs with Swagger

Designing and coding APIs in Node.js.


Getting an API design right demands far more than just figuring out which calls should do what. Public APIs — APIs meant to be used by people other than their creators — present a special set of challenges that can inform all API design. Even private APIs often find themselves with unexpected users, and can last far longer than was planned. Apigee faced the special challenge of creating a marquee API, an API for managing its APIs.

What comes first? The API or the code? Who is the API really for, and how important is the long-term maintenance of the API? Where does documentation fit? Answer these questions, and you can find the right approach.

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