Greg Whisenant

Greg Whisenant is the founder and CEO of technology startup, which is working to create transformational interaction between law enforcement and the public. He has a wide range of interests, currently focused on the application of Web 2.0 to government and startups. Among other jobs and hobbies, Greg has worked as a DC lobbyist and a legislative aide in the US Senate. In his ever elusive free time, Greg currently obsesses about greenhouses and his electric bicycle, Frankenbike.

How do we get government to share data?

A look at three approaches to opening government data streams.

In a perfect world, every government agency would provide an open and free data catalog. The early adopters have done it. More will continue to do so. But in this case we need to also make sure that perfect doesn't become the enemy of good.

Four Steps to Gov 2.0: A Guide for Agencies

What Does the World Look Like When the Work of Government is Driven by the People? Gov 2.0 has a lot of definitions, but in observing the exciting breadth of projects currently being built, it feels a little like the Blind Men and the Elephant, where everyone defines it based on their first hand experience, but not from a holistic…