Howard Wen

Howard Wen reports on technology industry news and products as a contributor to O'Reilly Radar, Computerworld, and Network World.

Getting started with HTML5 apps

Zachary Kessin on the skills you need to build apps with HTML5 and JavaScript.

"Programming HTML5 Applications" author Zachary Kessin discusses the tools, technologies, and knowledge that help developers build HTML5 apps. Plus: Learn the most common app development mistakes and how to avoid them.

The ascendance of App Inventor

David Wolber on why Google App Inventor isn't just for novices.

Google's App Inventor has transformed from a simple entry point for Android programming into an increasingly robust app creation platform. In this interview, "App Inventor" co-author David Wolber discusses the tool's evolution and future applications.

Wireless sensor networks can see and shape the world

Author Robert Faludi on the practical application of wireless sensor networks.

"Building Wireless Sensor Networks" author Robert Faludi discusses the practical application of sensor networks and how he thinks they will evolve to meet a variety of needs.

Why the Droid line caught on

Author Preston Gralla on the things smartphone consumers really care about.

Preston Gralla, author of "Droid 2: The Missing Manual" and "Droid X: The Missing Manual," discusses the disconnect between consumer concerns (does it work?) and tech world worries (is Android too fragmented?).

Pages before ads and other Facebook marketing tips

Authors Dan and Alison Zarrella on how businesses can put Facebook to use.

Traditional marketers and businesses tend to downplay Facebook's utility. That's a mistake, according to Dan and Alison Zarrella, co-authors of "The Facebook Marketing Book." In this interview, they explain why engagement is the key to Facebook campaigns.