Hugh McGuire

Hugh McGuire builds webby things, and writes about media, publishing, mass collaboration, and technology. He is the founder of, the volunteer-run makers of free public domain audiobooks; and Book Oven, which makes Bite-Size Edits, an online editing game/tool. He is a co-founder of BookCampToronto.

The line between book and Internet will disappear

The inevitability of truly connected books and why publishers need APIs.

The timeline and output may be unknown, but the distinction between the Internet and books is arbitrary, and it is destined to disappear. Hugh McGuire examines the transition and takes a few guesses as to what lies ahead.

Sifting Through All These Books

We have a massive and growing supply and demand imbalance in the book business. And, as the technologies for creating and distributing books becomes trivial, the supply of books is just going to keep growing exponentially…. How are people going to sift through all these books to find what they want?

An Open, Webby, Book-Publishing Platform

This short article outlines some ideas about an open source, online platform for making books, based on WordPress.