Jason Grigsby

Jason Grigsby was one of the project leads on the Obama iPhone application and helped design the user inferface for the Wall Street Journal’s Blackberry application. He founded and organizes Mobile Portland, a local mobile group. Jason is a co-founder of Cloud Four, a small start-up focused on mobile and web development. He blogs at CloudFour.com and provides a frequent updates about mobile on Twitter.

iPod program helps school test scores

Oregon third graders' reading and math results benefit from iPod Touch access.

An iPod pilot program in an Oregon classroom lifted math and reading scores. Results from that single pilot inspired the Canby School District to provide iPod Touch access to all its third graders.

Mobile operating systems and browsers are headed in opposite directions

As the mobile OS market fragments, mobile browsers are consolidating

It's striking to see the different trajectories mobile operating systems are on when compared to the mobile web. The OS landscape is fragmenting as mobile browsers consolidate around WebKit. In 2006, two smartphone operating systems accounted for 81 percent of the market. Today no single operating system has more than 50 percent marketshare. Unlike mobile operating systems, mobile browsers were fragmented a few years ago. Today, every mobile browser is moving toward HTML5 support, if it isn't there already.

Who is the iPad for?

iPad adoption carries mixed messages and open questions

Jason Grigsby says that despite claims by many techies that the iPad is targeted at those who need a simpler computer, Apple itself has never made that argument.