Jodee Rich

Jodee Rich is a digital anthropologist and technology entrepreneur who, in 2007, founded PeopleBrowsr, a service provider of social media data and analytics to Fortune 500 companies. He started writing code on punch cards in 1972. In 1979 he wrote software for the Apple II 64k microcomputer and founded Imagineering to market and distribute microcomputer software and hardware. In 1987 he took Imagineering public, grew the company to over 1,000 employees and in 1990 it was acquired by First Pacific. He founded One.Tel in 1995, a mobile and Long distance network operator.

Who is the champion of SXSW?

Sentiment analysis reveals the "Champion of Champions" of SXSW.

Each year, PeopleBrowsr uses sentiment analysis to crown Twitter’s top SXSW influencer. The latest champion — a guy who won’t even be in attendance at this year’s event — has tasted victory before.