Joseph Hellerstein

Joseph M. Hellerstein is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. Hellerstein's research focuses on data management and networking, including database systems, sensor networks, declarative networking, peer-to-peer and distributed systems.

In addition to his role in academia, Hellerstein has been a leader in the technology industry. From 2003-2005 he was Director of Intel Research, Berkeley, where he led research in networking and query processing for the Internet and for sensor networks. Hellerstein was a co-founder of Cohera Corporation (now part of Oracle), where he served as Chief Scientist from 1998-2001. Key ideas from his research have been incorporated into commercial and open-source database systems including IBM's DB2 and Informix, Oracle's PeopleSoft Catalog Management, and the open-source PostgreSQL system. He has also led a number of open-source systems projects at Berkeley, including TelegraphCQ, TinyDB, PIER and P2.

Hellerstein is a jazz enthusiast and part-time trumpeter.

The Commoditization of Massive Data Analysis

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