Books should be as easy to create as websites

Hugh McGuire on his new PressBooks publishing platform.

In this TOC podcast, PressBooks founder Hugh McGuire talks about the current state and future plans for this new book production platform PressBooks.

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Context matters: Search can't replace a high-quality index

Kevin Broccoli on the importance of indexes in ebooks.

In this TOC podcast interview, BIM Publishing Services CEO Kevin Broccoli talks about how indexes can and should evolve in the digital world. He says dynamic, linked indexes can be used as cross-selling tools and that index mashups are the way of the future.

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The vision behind Yahoo's Cocktails platform and Livestand app

Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz on how Cocktails and Livestand are designed to optimize both user and publisher experience.

In this TOC podcast, Yahoo architect fellow and VP Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz shares Yahoo's vision of the Cocktails platform and Livestand project. He also says Mojito, a component of Cocktails, soon will be open sourced.

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Direct sales uncover hidden trends for publishers

Direct channels give publishers full access to their data streams.

A recent O'Reilly customer survey revealed unusual results (e.g. laptops/desktops remain popular ereading devices). These sorts of insights are made possible by O'Reilly's direct sales channel.

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No more book app sifting: PlayTales designed its bookstore within an app

Anna Abraham on PlayTales' strategies for success.

In this TOC podcast, Anna Abraham, marketing and PR manager at PlayTales, talks about what makes PlayTales unique and describes how they've embraced the opportunities in children's ebook publishing.

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The state of ebook pricing

Loss leaders, the agency model and other factors shaping ebook prices.

Joe Wikert looks at the agency model, efficiencies, fixed pricing and other major trends that will drive ebook pricing in the months ahead.

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Eric Hellman on Gluejar's platform.

In this TOC podcast, Gluejar president Eric Hellman talks about how the platform can be used for ebook distribution.

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Customized self-publishing is the future of textbooks

John Conley on where the textbook sector is headed.

In this TOC podcast, John Conley, vice president of publishing and commercial print at Xerox, talks about the textbook market today and what's coming down the road.

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Story first, interactivity second

Jos Carlyle on creating successful children's book apps.

In this TOC podcast, Persian Cat Press creative director Jos Carlyle talks about the company's new book, "The Gift," and what goes into building a successful children's book app.

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It's time for a unified ebook format and the end of DRM

Proprietary ebook formats and rights restrictions are holding consumers back.

The music industry has shown that you need to offer consumers a universal format and content without rights restrictions. So when will publishers pay attention?

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