Tip for B&N: Don't just follow Amazon

Joseph Esposito on Amazon's dominant position and what B&N can do about it.

Amazon is the clear market leader, but that doesn’t mean everyone else should throw in the towel. In this podcast, Joseph Esposito, president of Portable CEO consulting, discusses the current publishing market and how B&N can best compete.

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Why the fuss about iBooks Author?

Apple's intent has never been to improve the book publishing industry.

Apple doesn't have an objective to move the publishing industry forward. With iBooks Author, the company sees an opportunity to reinvent this industry within its own closed ecosystem.

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Coming soon to a location near you: The Amazon Store?

Jason Calacanis on Amazon's growing market dominance.

In this podcast, Weblogs, Inc., co-founder Jason Calacanis shares his thoughts on Amazon's market presence and what the future might hold. He says an Amazon retail presence isn't out of the question and that AmazonBasics is a preview of what's to come.

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Children's ebooks and apps are big business on the iPad

WingedChariot's Neal Hoskins on the state of the children's digital book market.

In this TOC podcast, Neal Hoskins, founder of WingedChariot, talks about challenges and opportunities in children's ebooks, including issues with screen sizes and making the development choice between EPUB or app. Hoskins also predicts three front runners vying for the future of this market (hint: Amazon isn't one of them).

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Kindle Fire: Three pros, five cons

The good: Form factor and content. The bad: Lock in, auto updates and the Silk browser.

Joe Wikert says the Kindle Fire gets good marks for form factor and meeting basic consumer needs, but its lock in, auto updates and lack of a killer app are detriments.

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The art of marrying content with mobile apps

Gurvinder Batra on KiwiTech's publishing-specific approach.

In this TOC Podcast, KiwiTech founder and CTO Gurvinder Batra talks about how his company masters the challenges of developing apps for the publishing industry. He also says native apps are a better option than EPUB.

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