Jason Strimpel

Jason Strimpel is a Staff Software Engineer on the platform team at WalmartLabs who specializes in the UI layer. Jason has been building web applications for the past 12 years. Approximately 3 years ago Jason began specializing in the front-end, in particular JavaScript. Since then Jason has worked with several component libraries and frameworks. However, Jason found limitations to these libraries when presented with uniquely challenging UI requirements, so he began developing his own custom components and catalog of helpers. He is an extremely passionate developer with a very bad sense of humor who loves simplifying the complexities that arise when building rich UIs.

Isomorphic JavaScript with LazoJS

In search of the holy grail, again


When I started at @WalmartLabs I was placed on team that was tasked with creating a new web framework from scratch that could power large public facing web sites.

I recently had the opportunity to speak about this experience at OSCON. The title of the talk was “Satisfying Business and Engineering Requirements: Client-server JavaScript, SEO, and Optimized Page Load”, which is quite the mouthful.

What the title attempted to encapsulate and the talk communicated was how we solved the SEO and optimized page load issue for public facing web sites while keeping UI engineers, myself included, happy and productive. Let’s take a look at how we achieved this with the creation of a new isomorphic JavaScript web framework, LazoJS.

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