Leigh Dodds

Leigh is an open data and open standards geek. He has experience working with web and semantic web technologies in a number of different roles, ranging from independent hacker, software developer through to CTO. Leigh is currently employed by Talis as a program manager, with responsibility for product and business development around Talis' linked data products. He's written and spoken widely on a wide range of topics, including XML, the semantic web and linked data, data licensing and management, and academic publishing. You can find his open source projects on github, and his ramblings on Twitter. Leigh is based in Bath, in the UK.

What to consider before shortening links

URL shorteners have upside, but they also raise issues around stability, privacy, and performance.

Link shorteners have become part of the web's social fabric, but is that a good thing? In this piece we take a look at the key issues surrounding shorteners: stability, obfuscation, performance and privacy.