Matt Garrish

Matt Garrish lives and works in Toronto where he does what he can to help bridge the print divide that sadly still keeps much of the world's literature and information from being available to everyone. He's worked closely with CNIB and the DAISY Consortium in their efforts to make the world a more accessible place — including editing the Z39.86 Authoring and Interchange specification mdash; and drew on his years of experience ripping the guts out of EPUBs to make braille when invited to work as the editor of the EPUB3 revision. He is the author of What is EPUB3?.

Why we needed EPUB 3

New reading devices, multimedia storytelling and accessibility needs made EPUB3 a necessity.

EPUB3 is more than just bug fixes and tweaks from the last version. It represents a major change in what an ebook can be. (This is an excerpt from the Tools of Change for Publishing report, "What is EPUB3

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