21st century smarter government is 'data-centric' and 'digital first,' says US CIO

US CIO Steven VanRoekel says that machine-readable open data must be the 'new default' in government.

rom adjusting to the needs of an increasingly mobile federal workforce to moving to the cloud to developing a strategy for big data, it's safe to say that federal CIO Steven VanRoekel has a lot on his plate.

Carsharing saves U.S. city governments millions in operating costs

How Zipcar technology is leading to leaner government.

Whether it's co-working, bike sharing, or cohabiting, there are green shoots throughout the economy that suggest the ways we work, play and learn are changing.

Patterns snap mobile app designs into place

Author Theresa Neil on app designs to emulate and the value of anti-patterns.

There's a direct line between a great app experience and a great app design. In this interview, "Mobile Design Pattern Gallery" author Theresa Neil weighs in on app patterns and UI best practices.

Publishing News: Ereading on a landing plane

The FAA looks at passenger gadget use, Joe Wikert digs deep into data, and PEW reports on news.

Airline passengers in the U.S. may soon be allowed to use ereaders and tablets during takeoff and landing. In other news, O'Reilly's Joe Wikert reveals the power of direct sales, and the key phrase for news is "mobile."

Understanding place and space in a digital Babel

The nuances of location language.

Robert Munro, a computational linguist and speaker at Where 2012, says the subtleties of spatial distinctions are growing in importance as more of the world's digital information takes the form of non-English, unstructured text.

Buttons were an inspired UI hack, but now we've got better options

Josh Clark on the future of touch and other types of UI.

Global Moxie founder and "Tapworthy" author Josh Clark discusses touch UIs and the future of computer interaction. He believes touch is just the beginning; we need to also think about content in the context of speech, facial expression and physical gestures.