Nick Bilton

Nick Bilton is a Designer, User Interface Specialist, Technologist, Journalist, Hardware Hacker, Researcher, etc. etc.

Nick has worked in numerous different industries within the context of design, research & development, technology and storytelling. He is currently the Design Integration Editor for The New York Times and the User Interface Specialist & Lead Researcher for The New York Times Research & Development Lab working on a variety of research projects and exploring technologies that could become commonplace in the next 2-10 years. His work in the R&D Labs includes exploring and prototyping content and interaction on futuristic flexible digital displays, a vast array of mobile applications and devices, Times Reader, Print-to-mobile SMS, Semacode integration, content in the living room and context aware sensors. Nick is also the co-founder, with Michael Young, or, a startup within The New York Times that helps people shift content easily between multiple devices. Shifd recently won 'Best overall Hack' at last years Yahoo! Hack Day. Nick's work has been profiled regularly in multiple books, magazines, newspapers and websites.

Outside of The Times, Nick helped co-found NYCResistor, a hacker space in Brooklyn which offers hardware and programming classes and allows people to collectively work on innovative open source hardware and robotics projects.

How Many Links Are Too Many Links?

Click to enlarge this visualization. Created using Processing by Nick Bilton. Data collection by Evan Sandhaus. I repeatedly hear from people with information overload disorder. From news and information sites to blogs, social networks, tweeters, emails, and on and on, the blizzard of information has easily surpassed category 5 levels. To understand how much content effluvia we're subjected to,…

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The Sky is Falling!

It's been a busy week for the "death of newspapers" camp. We've had Michael Hirschorn's Atlantic Monthly piece forecasting the demise of The New York Times by May, Jack Shafer weighs in at Slate, James Surowiecki in The New Yorker, Clay Shirky raises some very interesting points, and today Fred Wilson joins the chorus with My Focus Group of…

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The Twitter Gold Mine & Beating Google to the Semantic Web

There's always been jabs at Twitter for not having a viable business model and the chatter has increased in the current economic climate. In a recent interview Evan Williams, Twitter CEO, said "We had planned to focus on revenue in 2010 but that's no longer the case, so we changed the plan quite a bit… We've moved revenue higher…

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eInk: A Possible Future for Paper

Guest blogger Nick Bilton is with the New York Times R&D Lab during the day and NYC Resistor at night. Working in the R&D Labs at The New York Times, I'm constantly asked, "How long will paper be around?" or more to the point, "When will paper really die?" It's a valid concern, and a question no one can answer…

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