Nikolaj Nyholm

Nikolaj Nyholm serves as a member of the board of directors of the people photo-identification service, Polar Rose. Past chair of EuroOSCON, he's working to connect European emerging tech and open source milieus, hoping to contribute to the creation of a vibrant cross-border tech sector. Nikolaj's background is as an entrepreneur, co-founding several startups picking at the loose ends of topics ranging from DNS to identity to Wi-Fi. In his spare time he channels his creative energy into Copenhagen-based collective 'Wheatpaste', and is co-organizer of reboot.

Why Wikia will change search

This morning Jimbo Wales' Wikia launched their search effort, Wikia Search. Wales & co. have been getting a lot of heat for this launch, most notably from Mike Arrington at Techcrunch who calls Wikia Search "an inexcusable waste of time" and "a complete letdown". I have to be honest that my first reaction to Wikia Search was lukewarm, and I…