Osman Rashid

Osman is a serial entrepreneur who has already left a strong impact on the world of education, as the founding CEO of Chegg. Chegg is the innovative textbook rental company that has saved more than $200 million dollars for millions of college students at practically every campus in the U.S. He continues to serve as Chegg's Chairman. After leaving Chegg, Mr. Rashid founded Kno, Inc. in May 2009, which is developing a product aimed to transform higher education and the way students learn today. Rashid received his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from University of Minnesota in 1993.

The time is now for digital textbooks

Digital textbooks have reached a moment of punctuated equilibrium.

We're poised to see all the years of digital textbook predictions and debate left behind. Change is here, and it's driven by technology, by the arrival of ebooks, and by a consensus among publishers and educators that the time is now.