What it takes to build great machine learning products

Rich machine learning products come from skilled and knowledgeable teams.

Specific insights into a problem and careful model design separate a machine learning system that doesn't work from one that people will actually use.

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What is Apache Hadoop?

A look at the components and functions of the Hadoop ecosystem.

Apache Hadoop has been the driving force behind the growth of the big data industry. But what does it do, and why do you need all its strangely-named friends, such as Oozie, Zookeeper and Flume?

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What is big data?

An introduction to the big data landscape.

It's the hot trend in software right now, but what does big data mean, and how can you exploit it? Strata chair Edd Dumbill presents an introduction and orientation to the big data landscape.

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Dennis Ritchie Day

On 10/30/11 let's remember the contributions of computing pioneer Dennis Ritchie.

I don't have the convening power of a governor, but for those of us around the world who care, I hereby declare this Sunday, October 30 to be Dennis Ritchie Day.

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Building data science teams

Data science teams need people with the skills and curiosity to ask the big questions.

A data science team needs people with the right skills and perspectives, and it also requires strong tools, processes, and interaction between the team and the rest of the company.

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A look at Java 7's new features

A survey of important updates and changes in Java 7.

From strings in switch statements to support for dynamically-typed languages, here's a look at notable features included in Java 7.

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