Paul Spinrad

Paul Spinrad is Executive Editor of MAKE magazine and the author of The VJ Book and The Re/Search Guide to Bodily Fluids. Highlights of his checkered career include co-founding the early web development company Infobahn, working as Section Editor for Wired magazine, and writing software for Advanced Decision Systems and ViewStar. He lives in San Francisco.

Crowdfunding gets traction in D.C.

New crowdfunding moves from the White House and Congress are positive signals.

President Obama's new jobs plan supports crowdfunded investing and the House Oversight committee will hear crowdfunding testimony next week.

Improving the landscape for organic startups

A congressional committee will hear a "crowdfunding exemption" proposal next week.

Next week, Sherwood Neiss will testify in favor of a small offerings exemption for investments, which could spark a revolution in grassroots entrepreneurship.