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Sliders are the new drop-downs

Seth Godin, author of "The Purple Cow" and other books on building great products has a wonderful rant on the persistence of really bad ideas (albeit tangential to his point) around the overabundance of pull-downs [and checkboxes and radio buttons] in forms: There are fifty states (proof: Clickable Map of US States.) This is a problem. If there were 5…

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An "Activity Viewer" for Ajax

As I participated in the Ajax Summit we put together with Adaptive Path this past week, I dispatched a steady stream of notes and action items to my Backpack. While each would faithfully show up in turn in just a second or less, occasional network hiccups gave me pause (quite literally as I waited for that yellow highlight to put…

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ETech05 Keynote: "O'Reilly Radar: News from the Future"

IT Conversations has posted an audio recording of Tim and Rael's team keynote, "O'Reilly Radar: News from the Future" from this year's O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference. Browse the slides [PDF] or read Alice Taylor's writeup while you listen. (You'll also find Rael's opening keynote, "Rules for Remixing" on IT conversations.)…

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Hear Penguin. Sample Penguin. Remix Penguin.

The second fabulous UK content remixing announcement of the day: Penguin Remixed is a collection of "thirty of the best spoken word samples from some of the greatest books of all time and the finest actors around" for you to borrow, bend, and blend to your heart's content. Samples run the gamut from Nick Hornby's "How to be Good" to…

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Remix the Beeb

Auntie has her own developer network: BBC Backstage is a set of feeds and APIs for remixing the BBc’s online content. backstage.bbc.co.uk attempts to encourage and support those who have provided most of the innovation on the inernet – the passionate, highly-skilled & public-spirited developers and designers many of whom volunteer their time and effort. In the past the BBC…

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Ajax Summit

O'Reilly has teamed up with Adaptive Path on an Ajax Summit — a gathering of developers and designers for the purposes of exploring the Ajaxian way of web application development. While I'll be writing up some take-aways from the summit in the next day or three, I thought I'd point at the live notes flowing to the Ajaxian blog in…

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Google Web Accelerator considered overzealous

Some users of 37 Signals's new Backpack web application started noticing yesterday that their backpacks had been rifled through and a page here and there had simply disappeared. A little digging found Google's new Web Accelerator to be the culprit….

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Administrivia: Search and ye shall find

The O'Reilly Radar is now full-text searchable….

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Yahoo! Research gives the Buzz Game a REST

The Yahoo! Research Labs / O’Reilly Buzz Game is now available via read-only RESTian web service interface. Here are the results of a request for information on the SAFARI stock in the BROWSER market: <!DOCTYPE ResultSet> <ResultSet xmlns:xsi=”http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance” xmlns=”urn:yahoo:research” xsi:schemaLocation=”urn:yahoo:research http://buzz.research.yahoo.com/bk/rest/info.xsd” > <Stock id=”2071″ symbol=”SAFARI” name=”Safari”> <Price>4.45</Price> <Buzz>0.12</Buzz> <Shares>12390</Shares> </Stock> </ResultSet> The URL http://buzz.research.yahoo.com/bk/rest/allinfo.xml provides a dump of all stocks,…

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Rael's del.icio.us posts

While O'Reilly Radar does siphon off our collective del.icio.us brief posts, they're just a small subset of what I routinely post to my del.icio.us. Bear in mind that I use del.icio.us as my preferred bookmarking tool, for both personal and professional bits (although the difference to all but me isn't particularly discernable ;-)….

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