Rob Tucker

Rob Tucker is a coach, facilitator, and executive development consultant with Leadership Research Institute. He works primarily for Fortune 500 organizations focused on science, technology and engineering. In the past ten years, Rob has worked all over the world with more than eighty client organizations. Prior to joining LRI, his background was in teaching and research, earning a Ph.D. in technical communication from the Annenberg School at the University of Southern California. His doctoral work examined best practices in “science translation,” – the communication of highly technical material to non-scientific audiences. Rob also served as the Director of Community Service Learning for a large public university in Southern California. He blogs about Leadership, Technology and Macroeconomics at Rob's words represent his own views and do not necessarily reflect the views of his employer.

Disintermediation: The disruption to come for Education 2.0

On the largest of scales, we rarely have the luxury of designing technological systems. Instead, technologies happen to us – our experience of them being ragged, volatile, turbulent and rife with unexpected interactions. Tim’s posts about the emerging internet operating system (here and here) describe a great example of this – the winner of that particular fight being very much…

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This. . . is. . . Sparta! The Culture of Education 2.0

As I write these words, the culture of Education 2.0 is coming into being. This culture will bind and guide students, teachers, technology providers, consumers, parents, and children, well into the century ahead. Cultures are built using models – paradigms and ideals against which we compare our new community. Just as the American culture in the 17th and 18th century…

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Education 2.0: The importance of ownership

I've been teaching adults for almost twenty years. First as a lecturer, then as a professor and for the last ten years as a coach and facilitator for large organizations all over the world. I love technology and the possibility that it represents but I believe that technology can only ever enable educational success. It rarely drives. As technology becomes…

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