Sara Peyton

Sara Peyton has 25 years experience as a staff and freelance reporter, essayist, columnist, and book reviewer for daily and weekly newspapers in northern California. Her column, Book People, appears in the New York Times-owned Press Democrat. Her essays, interviews, book reviews, and reporting have appeared in More Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Organic Style, Newsweek, New York Times, Poets & Writers, Stanford Magazine, Weight Watchers Magazine,,, Publishers Weekly, San Francisco Magazine, and Sara is the publicist for consumer books at O'Reilly Media.

Make It Simple: Architecting Your JavaScript Applications for Testability

Mark Ethan Trostler tests a lot of small pieces rather than giant hunks.


Mark Ethan Trostler (@zzoass) writes and tests code for a living, currently at Google. The veteran coder and author of Testable JavaScript recently delivered a comprehensive lesson on writing and maintaining testable code to some 400 folks from around the globe. In one hour Trostler detailed methods for swapping implementations, writing tests once, and working/testing in parallel.

You’ll probably want to watch his free webcast from beginning to end, when Trostler answers a handful of audience questions. (Registration required). Here are some of the key points from the recording:

  • What is testability?
  • It all boils down to writing and syncing interfaces, not implementation
  • Read more…

O'Reilly Books and the Cuban Internet

Folks are often interested when they learn I work for O’Reilly Media. But few people have expressed as much enthusiasm as Julio, a new friend I met recently at a party in Occidental, a tiny redwood studded town a few miles west of O’Reilly Media’s headquarters in Sebastopol. “I told my wife that I wanted to drive through Sebastopol so…