The Amazon whisperer, invisible interfaces, FDA vs 23andMe, and robots usher in a new polical order

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Four short links: 28 July 2011

Four short links: 28 July 2011

Personal Genomics, NodeJS FTP, Bad Workshops, and Piggy Eclipse

  1. 23andMe Disproves Its Own Business Model — a hostile article talking about how there’s little predictive power in genetics for diabetes and Parkinson’s so what’s the point of buying a 23andMe subscription? The wider issue is that, as we’ve known for a while, mapping out your genome only helps with a few clearcut conditions. For most medical things that we care about, environment is critical too–but that doesn’t mean that personalized genomics won’t help us better target therapies.
  2. jsftp — lightweight implementation of FTP client protocol for NodeJS. (via Sergi Mansilla)
  3. Really Bad Workshops — PDF eBook with rock-solid advice for everyone who runs a workshop.
  4. PigEditor (GitHub) — Eclipse plugin for those working with Pig and Hadoop. (via Josh Patterson)
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Should Personal Genomics Be Regulated?

I read recently about the cease and desist letters sent to 23andme and other personal genomics companies selling tests directly to consumers. 23andme has responded, saying that they agree with the ultimate need for regulation, but that harnessing the consumer internet for personal genomics is a really valuable scientific tool. I have to say I find myself doubtful about the…

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