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Some Highlights From This Year's Adas

Ada Lovelace Day turned up hundreds of interesting people. Here's a couple of interesting pointers: Mileva Maric is an uncomfortable read, but worth it for the perspective it gives to heroes. Over on Best of Three you get a reading list for Caroline Herschel, Marie Curie, and Lise Meitner. Margaret Moth is lauded on Elpie's blog. Adafruit Industries posted about…

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At the Forefront of the Next Industrial Revolution

I chose Limor Fried, founder and chief engineer of Adafruit Industries, as the subject of my post for Ada Lovelace Day for four reasons: Limor is a hardware engineer – one of those bastions of tech in which it's most important for young girls considering future careers to understand that women can excel. Here's Limor, making adjustments to the pick…

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Lady Ada Day 2010

Today (March 24) is the anniversary of Ada Lovelace. On this day, we are asked to blog and celebrate the achievements of women in technology and science. Last year I blogged an ABC list: Allison, Brenda, and Courtney. Here's this year's three, my 2010 TAJ: Tabitha Roder runs the New Zealand OLPC testing group, convening regular meetings in two cities…

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Four short links: 18 February 2010 Four short links: 18 February 2010

Four short links: 18 February 2010

Open Politics, Ada Day, Hardware Debugging, Design Insight

  1. David Cameron, The Next Age of Government (TED Talk) — Cameron’s argument is that with open data and behavioural economics, we can offer policy preferences but let people make informed choices. Interesting that transparency and open data can be a bipartisan issue.
  2. Finding Ada — pledge to blog about an inspirational woman in technology or science on March 24. I like it because it turns up personal stories and interesting people that I’d otherwise never have heard of.
  3. On MicroSD Problems (Bunnie Huang) — fascinating detective story as he tries to figure out how he got some dud Kingston SD cards. SPOILER ALERT: fault-tolerant hardware gets sold in tranches (great, ok, bad) and the bad tranche sold off-label.
  4. A new global visual language for the BBC’s digital services — an amazingly detailed guide to the rationale and structure of the BBC web redesign. It’s not often that you get this much detail into someone else’s design, which is a shame because it’s very instructive to read.
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