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Ignite Seattle: Talk Submissions Due Today

The next Ignite Seattle is August 8th at the CHAC. The evening will be a combination of Half-Baked Dotcom and Ignite talks. This time we are doing something special and we’re going to have a contest amongst the speakers. Four speakers will get a chance to do their Ignite talks at Gnomedex, Chris Pirillo’s Seattle-based event. RSVP at Upcoming….

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Five Things You Didn't Know About Me

Allison tagged me, so here are five things you don't know about me: I was born in NC, but most of the time I spent in the state I was in the womb. I grew up in South Jersey and then proceeded to live in New York, Connecticut, Boston, and San Francisco before settling in Seattle. Prior to moving to…

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the Radar crew. Make Media Maven Bre Pettis sends his holiday wishes via Rocketboom. If you are feeling generous today, consider assisting WorldChanging in their bid to win Yahoo's $50,000 matching grant. From their end-of-the-year-request: We've just learned about a huge opportunity to raise funds for Worldchanging. For it to work we need…

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Linkfromdomain from Live Search

Yesterday, Live Search released a cool, new operator that allows you search based on links from a domain. This has a lot of power and is not available on Yahoo! or Google. It's good for finding content that has been linked to from a blogger or social site. Here are some examples: robot videos on youtube – site:youtube.com linkfromdomain:digg.com, PDF…

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How Friendster Lost Its Footing

The New York Times has an article on the downfall of friendster. It traces Friendster through the fabled Google buyout offer, numerous CEOs, and dwindling traffic. In the article most of the blame is aimed at high-profile investors and board-members for not recognizing Friendster's performance issues and paying more attention to what potential competitors were doing. I was a fairly…

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Google Transit Has Expanded

Google has updated their experimental Transit product to include 5 new cities. Now Seattle, Pittsburgh, Honolulu, Tampa, and Eugene, in addition to the original Portland, are available. To enable further expansion they have also published a feed specification that cities can use to share their data. I'm excited by this as I find the UI very simple to use, but…

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Entrepreneurially yours

After six of the most enjoyable, educational, and rewarding years at O'Reilly, I went half-time last November to pursue one of those ideas that just wouldn't leave me alone. That idea has since blossomed into an application (edging toward product-hood) and fledgling company. And so it's time now to give it all the attention it deserves. Leaving O'Reilly the company,…

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Nat's Travels: June/July

I'll be in San Jose/San Francisco June 5-16, a trip built around hosting Where 2.0 on June 13-14 (I'll be at the Google geo developer day). I'll be in Chicago June 21-29 for RailsConf and Yet Another Perl Conference. Then I'll be in Portland from July 8-30 hanging out with Rael, Allison, Surj, chromatic and the other pr0tlanders, and hosting…

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Where 2.0: Early Registration Ends

Brady and I have been feverishly pulling together the Where 2.0 program and we're finally done: every timeslot has someone on it. We're waiting on a few people to confirm, but if you haven't checked out the schedule lately then you should do so now. Today's the last day of early registration, and thus your last chance to get $300…

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Hello From The New Guy

I'm Brady Forrest, the new guy at O'Reilly Radar. My first task is working with Nat to Co-Chair Where 2.0. My first appearance will be at next week's SDForum's Search SIG on Mapping. Come on by Tuesday night as I discuss the state of Mapping with Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Ask. It'll be great to meet you. I used to…

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