Is it in the bits or atoms?

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. – Arthur C. Clarke I spent Wednesday at Penn Medicine’s Connected Health event in Philadelphia. We saw an array of technologies that wouldn’t even have been imaginable when I came into this world. Mobile telepresence systems, tele surgery, the ability to remotely detect depression with merely a phone and its analysis, real-time remote…
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Small Publishers See Similarities in New HarperCollins Unit

Speaking with the The New York Observer, small publishers say they've for years employed the author/retail strategies recently embraced by HarperCollins' new imprint. "This is exactly what we've been talking about and attempting to do to varying degrees all along,’" said Richard Nash, publisher of Soft Skull Press. “But I don’t think they [HarperCollins] were like, 'oh, let’s look…

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Survey of Publisher and Author Reaction to HarperCollins Move

HarperCollins' new no-return/low-advance business is generating plenty of discussion. Kassia Krozser from BookSquare: If HC can pull this off, it will restore my faith in humanity. In a low-margin business, it just makes sense for everybody. And now that printing presses are moving ever-closer to true on-demand printing, the crazy process of overprinting in anticipation of theoretical demand can end….

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