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Publishing News: The standards of aggregation

Jim Romenesko quits after his attribution standards are questioned, Rakuten buys Kobo, and readers will wait for ebooks.

Jim Romenesko's departure raises questions about aggregation standards. Also, Japanese e-retailer Rakuten buys Kobo, and a new BISG study shows readers are embracing digital formats.

Delivereads curates content for your Kindle

Dave Pell's Delivereads sends hand-picked web content to Kindles.

Curation just got a new platform — your Kindle. Dave Pell’s new project, Delivereads, delivers content from around the web via your Kindle email address.

Aggregation apps respond to consumer personalization demands

Flipboard and other apps aggregate content in a user-friendly style. But are publishers on board?

Gathering a flurry of news content into one neat and orderly place is nothing new, but recent app releases and new announcements show developers are embracing the user-specific demands of the consumer. Whether publishers go along with these apps is another matter.

Excerpting Best Practices Hinge on Intent

A piece in the New York Times reignites the fair use debate by asking: How much excerpting does fair use cover? It's a reasonable question, particularly since Google News, the Huffington Post and countless other sites rely on excerpt aggregation to drive traffic and sell ads. But the rules of excerpting are also — to steal a line from Steve…

New York Times Settles Linking Suit

In what many of us thought was a slightly bizarre case, the New York Times Co. has settled with GateHouse Media in a suit attempting to cease the automated aggregation of Gatehouse content on Boston.com's affiliated properties (Boston.com is owned by the Times Co.). It is not clear why the settlement was reached, since precedence was on the side…

The Future of Chunk Sales … Today!

The blog PersonaNonData pointed us to a new model that might bring the future into tighter focus for some publishers. At AcquireContent.com, a new Web site from Gale, they have made their content available for sale through "customer pull" transactions. We have tried to make the points that new revenue opportunities will be small dollars and we've suggested that XML-structured…