"android open" entries

You say you want a revolution? It's called post-PC computing

An examination of the post-PC wave and its major players.

Spurred on by a Googler's rant against his own company and Apple's release of a new phone, a new OS and a new cloud infrastructure, Mark Sigal wonders what the "post-pc" revolution really looks like.

Amazon's "Prime" challenger to the iPad

Why Amazon's Kindle tablet can succeed where others have failed.

While conventional wisdom says that to compete with the iPad you must emulate Apple's best practices, Mark Sigal argues that Amazon can do just fine by blazing its own trail.

Getting physical with Android, NFC and the ADK

Android meets Arduino as the ADK and NFC allow new physical interfaces.

Brian Jepson and Tyler Moskowite discuss Near Field Communication, the Open Android Development Kit, and the role Android can play in hardware hacking.

Five things Android needs to address on the enterprise side

Android in the enterprise requires improvements in security, management and app stores.

Android has the foundation to support enterprise use, but there's a handful of missing pieces that need to be addressed if it's going to fully catch on in the corporate world.

Is your Android app getting enough sleep?

Frank Maker on Android power consumption and app etiquette.

Researcher Frank Maker discusses Android power consumption best practices and the risks of hogging mobile resources.

Three Android predictions: In your home, in your clothes, in your car

Marko Gargenta on Android's ubiquity.

"Learning Android" author Marko Gargenta believes Android will soon be a fixture in our homes, in our clothes and in our vehicles. Here he explains why and how this will happen.

Announcing Android Open

The first Android Open conference will be held Oct. 9-11 in San Francisco.

This October, O'Reilly is launching Android Open, the first "big tent" Android-only conference. Our goal is to give all the Android players a place to become a community.