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The iPad's ripple effect

"Best iPad Apps" author Pete Meyers on how the iPad is shaping content and development.

“Best iPad Apps” author Pete Meyers examines the iPad’s impact on app development, entertainment, and content creation. Plus: He reveals three app rating patterns — C-spread, L-spread and The Claw — and what each means.

The expanding influence of apps and mobile

Ken Yarmosh on apps vs. web and the Mac App Store.

App Savvy” author Ken Yarmosh weighs in on the current state of app development and the influence mobile devices and apps will have on the desktop.

Amazon building its own Android App Market?

A look at the pros and cons of an Amazon-run Android market.

While the carriers see the Android Market as an opportunity to build tightly-controlled versions of the Market, non-exclusivity opens the door for companies that (a) know retailing and merchandising much better than Google, (b) aren't in the awkward position of having to play nice with the carriers, and (c) have a global presence independent of carrier coverage and relationships. Enter Amazon.