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How Netflix handles all those devices

Netflix's Matt McCarthy on building apps that work across platforms.

Matt McCarthy explains how WebKit and A/B testing play important roles on Netflix's many apps. Plus: Platform lessons Netflix has learned that apply to other developers and companies.

From app to meetup: A new kind of running route

How RunKeeper is using meetups to bridge the physical and app worlds.

The line between online and offline is further blurring thanks to apps. Case in point: RunKeeper is now bringing users together for in-person group runs.

9 digital book-making tools

A survey of tools for creating apps and ebooks.

As a preview for his upcoming free webcast, Pete Meyers offers a quick overview of digital tools used for app and ebook creation.

How is HTML 5 changing web development?

Remy Sharp on whether HTML is ready for prime-time production.

In this interview, OSCON speaker Remy Sharp discusses HTML5's current usage and how it could influence the future of web apps and browsers (hint: in time, we may not notice browsers at all.)

Radar's top stories: May 30-June 3, 2011

Inside the Library of Congress' Twitter archive, 10 ways to botch a mobile app, the story behind Velocity '11

This week on Radar: We checked in on the Library of Congress' Twitter archive, Ken Yarmosh revealed 10 ways to screw up a mobile app, the story behind Velocity 2011 was told, Steve Souders discussed mobile optimization, and we wondered if readers would fund their favorite authors.

Publishing News: BAFTA nomination hints at app crossover appeal

The Malcom Tucker app might win a BAFTA, Kindle ebook sales outpace print, and a Kindle wish list.

For the first time ever, an app has been nominated for a TV BAFTA, Kindle sales might indicate the ebook tipping point, and the Kindle team gets some (unsolicited) pointers from Joe Wikert.

Kindle 2012: Wish-list features for the next model

Here's a handful of ways Amazon could revolutionize the Kindle.

Amazon is positioned to advance the Kindle platform much faster and further than they have in any 6-12 month period. Joe Wikert outlines new features he'd like to see.

The next, next big thing

The web had its day. Mobile is already peaking. So what's next?

Those evangelizing the revolutionary qualities of "the next big thing" (whatever it may be) would do well to revisit past "big things." Truth is, computing goes in cycles.

Skimming on the digital side

How digital publications can make browsing easier.

The use of strict print design elements in digital content locks readers into systems that aren't user friendly. A little rethinking can go a long way toward solving that problem.

On a small screen, user experience is everything

Three mobile apps that get user experience right.

Building mobile apps around a look or feel isn't always the best strategy. Madhava Enros, mobile user experience lead at Mozilla, reveals three apps that effectively address user experience, not just design.