Microsoft opens up

Microsoft opens up

How Microsoft is contributing to and benefitting from open source.

Microsoft seems to be embracing open source more and more. What does this tell us about the company's near-term future?

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Strata Week: Shop 'til you drop

Strata Week: Shop 'til you drop

Stack Exchange goes in-house, Netflix pays for platforms, survey data gets visualized, and Infochimps acquires Data Marketplace

In this edition of Strata Week: Stack Exchange takes their hardware and software in-house; Neflix explains their adoption of AWS and open source; the New York Times maps out survey and census data; and Infochimps acquires Data Marketplace.

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Developing intuitions about data

Why we must consider the different properties and purposes of computer files.

Some kinds of computer files have different properties than others, and thus serve different purposes. Structured representation of data is one such property. If we are trying to put data onto the web, and if we want others to have the use of that data, and if we hope it will flow reliably through networks to all the places where it's needed, then we ought to consider how the files we choose to publish do, or don't, respect that property.

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