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Amazon Launches UK POD Service; Partner Unknown

TheBookseller says Amazon is launching a print-on-demand service in the United Kingdom: Amazon.com owns POD publisher BookSurge in the US, but the UK business has not divulged who will be handling the printing of POD titles in the UK. In April, a spokesperson for Amazon.co.uk said the company — at that time — had no plans to bring BookSurge to…

POD Publisher Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Amazon

In the wake of Amazon's recent print-on-demand moves, BookLocker.com has filed a class action lawsuit against the company.

Amazon POD: Friend or Foe to Indie Publishers?

An interesting editorial by Lloyd Jassin from the NY Center for Independent Publishing relating to the Amazon print-on-demand (POD) move: Physical distribution of books is largely the preserve of large conglomerate publishers and a handful of large independent distributors. It’s not a pretty business. It employs the equivalent of Yankee peddlers who hand-sell books to brick and mortar stores, with…

Further Thoughts on Amazon/BookSurge

I keep turning the Amazon/BookSurge story over in my mind, and decided today that it was worth a deep look at the stakeholders, and their stakes.

Amazon UK Staying out of POD Fray (for now…)

Amid the furor over Amazon’s latest maneuver with POD and Booksurge, comes word that Amazon.co.uk has "no plans" to bring Booksurge across the pond. Then again, that statement shouldn’t be as reassuring as it sounds to UK publishers: An Amazon.co.uk spokesman said there were "no plans" to introduce the BookSurge service into the UK, but added: "We do not…