"calendar" entries

How will the elmcity service scale? Like the web!

The calendarsphere will be another collection of small pieces loosely joined.

A blog feed is just a special kind of web page. Anybody can create a blog and publish its feed at some URL. Why not calendars too?

A lesson in civics, public data, and computational principles

The benefits of information principles are revealed through education, so let's start with digital natives.

An efficient model of collective information management relies on principles like pub/sub, indirection and syndication. Translating these principles beyond computational thinkers is the tricky part. To pull it off we need to educate the kids we assume to be digital natives.

Personal data stores and pub/sub networks

Social streams may eclipse RSS, but the blogosphere's roots run deeper.

Most people and organizations think of the calendar information they push as text for people to read. Few realize it's also data networks can syndicate. When that mindset changes, a river of data will be unleashed.

Lessons learned building the elmcity service

Jon Udell's reflections on mashing up software cultures and calendar data.

What happens when you mix open source goals, styles, and attitudes with Microsoft tools, languages, and frameworks? You get a cultural mashup. That's what the elmcity
project is, and what this series will explore.