Geeks at work

Geeks at work

"Being Geek" author Michael Lopp on job interviews, shady managers and knowing when it's time to go.

Michael Lopp, author of "Being Geek" and a self-described "system thinker," understands that geeks and nerds face unique workplace pressures. In this Q&A, he reveals key lessons he's picked up during his career. Those include: how geeks can communicate with non-geeks, why geeks and managers don't get along, and how to know when it's time to move on.

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A constellation you should know

A look at Chicago's i.c.stars educational program.

This blog post has been sitting on my computer’s desktop for a few weeks now…. I’m finally getting around to telling you about a great week I had at the end of May. It started off with a brief trip to Northern California with stops at Dale’s amazing Maker Faire (equally impressive were his sprinting skills as he leapt into…

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