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Open Question: Do You Read Books on a Cell Phone?

I've run into a number of people who say they've read ebooks for years on their mobile phones. I'm curious to see how prevalent this is within the TOC Community.

Open Question: Have You Seen a Kindle in Public?

We pose a few non-scientific questions about device ubiquity.

Smithsonian Advertises Via Bluetooth

The Smithsonian's Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery are sending out Bluetooth tethers to passers-by. From a Smithsonian press release: … this new medium of advertising prompts Bluetooth phone users to opt-in to receive a free downloadable message … Bluetooth-enabled bus shelters, located in Washington, D.C.'s major pedestrian areas, will deploy a silent prompt to mobile…

UK Service Brings Audiobook Downloads to Mobile Phones

UK-based GoSpoken has partnered with Random House to make 50 audiobook titles available for purchase through the GoSpoken mobile download service. GoSpoken is currently aimed at early adopter UK residents who have broadband-capable cellphones (specifically, HSDPA-enabled) and mobile data plans. Managing director Tony Lynch describes the genesis of GoSpoken on the company's blog: As I travel round London, I…

Roundup: Green Books, Podcasts by Cellphone

Simon & Schuster new children’s line to use eco-friendly manufacturing; Branding opportunity through cell phones.